Mendoza Insurance Agency is thrilled to shine a spotlight on our incredible local animal shelters and the invaluable work they do. That being said, we want to announce our collaboration with local animal shelters, a haven for animals in need right here in our community.

A sanctuary where wagging tails and soft purrs tell stories of resilience and hope; from playful puppies to wise old cats, each animal has a tale of survival and a longing for love. As a local agency, we’ve witnessed the profound impact of local animal shelters in transforming the lives of these animals and the families who adopt them.

We believe in doing more than just admiring their work. Introducing our Paws for Protection program: for every friend or family member you refer to us for an insurance quote, we’ll donate $10 to our local animal shelters in your honor. It’s our way of saying thank you for helping us support these incredible shelters and the precious animals they care for.

Let’s ensure that every wagging tail and gentle purr finds a loving home. Join us in our mission to protect our furry friends and make our community a better, brighter place for all.