Ventura Tax Preparation Corp

Professional Tax Prep Services

Ventura is a Tax services firm located in the city of the Bronx, in the State of New York. Since our birth in 2008, we have been providing the best service to our clients and offer the most professional advice possible.

We are in a position to give you the best services for you and your family. We are motivated to offer the best service to our clients because we know that each one of them makes us be in the market today.

We provide our clients with personal and corporate tax preparation assistance so that they can have better economic health, knowing that they will not have problems with state regulations.

Besides tax preparation, we also offer the following:

1) Traininig Programs:

Face-to-face training in all areas of Taxation.

2) Online Courses:

Online courses to make sure everybody can do it at their own pace, following the dynamics proposed on a weekly agenda.

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2540 Valentine Ave

Bronx, NY 10458

Phone: (646) 332-2858